if a woman barely glances or doesn’t even look you know you have no chance and give up there and then but if she stares longer than is polite you know you have a chance and Lara had had a good long look.

Over the next few days I got to know her better and found out she was aged 26 married with no k**s so all I needed now was a chance to see how up for it she was and the best way is to use alcohol as people are much more honest and open once they have a couple of drinks in them, her predecessor was leaving on Friday and we were all going for a drink to wish her luck in her new job so I made a point of making sure Lara was invited and was very happy when someone told me she was coming.

The next bit is pretty easy, on Friday at the local bar after a few drinks we were in a group of four girls, me, Lara, Lisa who’s also bi and Sola and the topic of conversation soon came round to SEx:’

so after the normal chat I mentioned to Lara that me and Lisa were bi and the look of surprise was soon replaced by lots of questions which to me meant she definitely wanted to try S3@.x:’ with a woman so when we were alone I asked her, she looked a bit embarrassed at the question and said she didn’t know she had thought about it many times but had never had the courage to do it,

so I said to her if she ever wanted to turn fantasy into reality I would be happy to help her, from experience I knew the next bit of the conversation would be about being unfaithful to her husband and I wasn’t wrong but over the years I have come up with all the answers to her worries and It didn’t take long to convince (her mainly because she wanted to be convinced)

that it wouldn’t really be cheating as it wasn’t another man and then say that it would probably turn him on knowing his wife was with another woman and I bet he would love a threesome to which she had agreed,

Lara then said she would think about it and let me know so we joined the rest of the group and I let it lie at that.





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