The midnight romp with corper

As Grace left Papa Kolade's room, afraid that her secret will leak. She had to succumb to the request of the corper in the compound. Read what happened.


Lilly and blessing sweet take away

We were each sipping our last drink when he came to sit and order a drink. He was beautifully built, with amazing biceps standing at about 6'1 with beards and hair ruffled looking so fucking hot


i felt like am gonna burst, the feeling was so overwhelming, i could feel my climax, but i was still caught unguarded when my spasm gripped me and flown me to a place where have always dream and fantasize about, my release collide with jaydens' as we about cum almost at he same time, i though his gonna shot his cum inside my pussy but was relieved


so jay, what are you here for" i asked, he couldn't just simply wanna see me right???? though my naughty self wished thats the case.. " i wanna asked whether we are still invited to the party" he asked sheepishly.. " ofcourse, why not, though i don't know jayden


kissing him with all the passion in me, that shakes their self defense as jayden now fold my breast as if his life depends on it, while jay start making his way inside my pant,touching my shaved pussy, and rubbing my clit, i moaned when his hand makes contact with my sensitive clit

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